World-class Real Estate Management

About Us

We are a San Diego Property Management company that believes in working hard and offering world-class real estate management at an affordable price. Established in 2013 by Chris Honeycutt, Constellation was formed to deliver investors and real estate brokers a resource that seemed to be all too scarce: a dedicated apartment management firm that's always willing to go the extra mile.

For Tenants

This means you have somebody’s cell phone to call if there’s a problem. You have somebody to show you around on a Saturday evening while you’re in-town looking for an apartment. The rental application process is done 100% online.

For Owners

This means you’re going to have less turnovers because tenants love where they live. You’re also going to have somebody that keeps a watchful eye on your investment and is always watching out for your interests.

For Brokers

This means you’ve finally got a great property management firm to recommend and a team that can meet or exceed pro-forma figures that your property was marketed with.